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Active Student Participation

Students and teachers at Uppsala University are working in many ways to develop education and to take joint responsibility for learning. The video below exemplifies what Active student participation can look like at campus. 

Video description: video that exemplifies what Active student participation can look like on campus. 

Usable tools for getting started with Active student participation!

Why Active Student Participation?
  • Students gain a deeper understanding of the subject and train general skills such as, collaborating with peers and leading groups;
  • A more active role in their own and fellow students' learning increases motivation, promotes meta-reflection about how to learn, and creates better cohesion in the student group;
  • More active participation can also be seen as an exercise of democratic capacities and citizenship skills
  • An example from UU - students address missing perspectives

  • An example from UU - student-led study groups

Last modified: 2023-06-12