Seminar series within the Competence Centre

This autumn we are happy to announce a lunch-seminar series from Additive Manufacturing @ Uppsala University (AM@UU) !

AM@UU consist of AM@Å initiative, U-PRINT: Uppsala University’s 3D-printing facility and the Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences Competence Centre.

The seminars aim to broaden knowledge of AM applications from life science to metallurgy, and to let audience to learn more about AM from both academic and industrial perspectives.

These seminars are held at the Ångström Laboratory and are open to all interested.Attendees are offered to join seminars in person (free sandwich for lunch is provided upon registration) and we are also broadcasting lectures on Zoom for those who cannot join us on-campus.

Seminars will be announced in the schedule provided below and in our calendar, as well as on LinkedIn channel of AM4Life Competence Centre.


UCOMING seminars in 2023​

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  • 5th of January -  Prof. Peter Isberg, ABB Motion
    A vision for how Additive Manufacturing can improve electromagnetic devices for the future
  • 3rd of March - Dr. Håkan Brodin, Key Expert - Materials Technology at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
    Industrialisation of additive manufacturing at Siemens Energy
  • 29th of March - Gert Nilson, Jernkontoret, Sweden - Technical Director and Head of Department of Research and Education
  • 18th of April - Prof. Anna Finne Wistrand, KTH Royal Institute of Technology ,Sweden - expert in Polymer Technology with orientation towards Polymer Chemistry
  • 31st of May - Prof. Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Luleå Tekniska Universitet


  • 26th of October - Assoc. Prof. Greta Lindwall, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden - Expert in CALPHAD modeling, Alloy Development, Metallurgy. 
  • 16th of November - Dr. Victor Pacheco, Researcher at AMEXCI, Sweden - Expert in Materials Engineering, Laser Powder-Bed Fusion
  • 7th of December - Prof. Peter Isberg - Digital lead & Business Development, ABB Motion
  • 2nd of February - Olle Pontén, BMC, U-PRINT Uppsala University 3D Printing Facility, Sweden - Expert in 3D printing for polymers and bioprinting

  • 16th of February - Álvaro Morales López and Dr. Tiziana Fuoco, CEO and CTO of AKIRA Science, Sweden – experts in polymer printing and soft tissue engineering

  • 2nd of March  - Assoc. Prof. Michael Bryant, University of Leeds, UK – expert in corrosion studies in 3d printed parts and medical devices

  • 16th of March  - Dr. Robin Woracek, European Spallation Source ERIC,  Lund, Sweden - expert in neutron scattering analysis of 3D printed products

  • 30th  of March  - Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz GmbH, Austria -  expert in lithography based ceramic manufacturing (Introduction toLCM-technology)

  • 4th  of May   -  Dr. Konstantin Simonov, Researcher at Swerim AB - expert in synchrotron radiation spectroscopy 
  • 1st of June - Dr. Franchesco D'Ella, Researcher at Uppsala University - expert in metal prining for biomedical applications


  • 15/9 - Prof. Oana Ghita, Exceter University, UK - Seminar with expert in additive manufacturing of polymer and composites
  • 29/9 - Prof. Erik Schkommodau, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Liestal, Switzerland - Seminar with expert in 3D-printing of implants and surgical navigation
  • 13/10 - Prof. Eduard Hryha, Chalmers University, Sweden - Seminar with expert in additive manufacturing for metals and head of the CAM2 Competence Centre
  • 27/10 - Jean-François Romainville, Belgium - Vanguard Initiative: 3D-printing Pilot
  • 10/11 - Dr. Sara Munktell, Swerim AB, Sweden - Corrosion properties of stainless-steel AM components
  • 24/11 - Assoc. Prof. Michael Fokine, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden - expert in glass science and working in development of glass 3D printers
  • 8/12 - Dr. Fabien Guillemot, Founder & CEO at Poietis - 4D Bioprinting, France - Expert in bioprinting and tissue engineering

  • 17/02: Carl-Johan Karlsson Hassila, Uppsala University, Sweden  - AM of Metals: process parameters development
  • 03/03: Dr. Harald Kissel, Sandvik AdditiveManufacturing, Sweden - Material Developmentfor Binder Jetting and PBF-Laser systems

  • 17/03: Prof. Lars-Erik Rännar, MittU - Electron beam melting – past, present and future research at Mid Sweden University

  • 07/04: Olle Eriksson, U-PRINT 3D-printing facility - Overview on the research for the life science applications at U-PRINT 3D printing facility at Uppsala University

  • 05/05: Prof. Stefan Johansson, Uppsala University - The coming 2-photon printer at the Ångström laboratory

  • 19/05: Prof. Marta-Lena Antti, Luleå University of Technology - AM activities at Luleå University of Technology
  • 02/06: Prof. Alberto Leardini, Director of Movement Analysis Laboratory, Centro di Ricerca Codivilla-Putti Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Italy - Medical imaging, musculo-skeletal modelling and 3D printing for custom implants in Orthopedics


  • 16/9 @ 12:15 - 13:00 : Dr. Jonas Åberg, OssDsign, Sweden - “2D to 3D: How additive manufacturing made OssDsign Cranial Patient-Specific Implant possible”

  • 30/9 @ 12:15 - 13:00 :  Jithin James Marattukalam, Uppsala University, Sweden - “Additive Manufacturing of Amorphous alloys: Properties and Applications”

  • 14/10 @ 12:15 - 13:00 : Rouslan Svintsitski, 3D Ceramtec, FR - “From lab to fab – a review of different 3D ceramic printing technologies”

  • 4/11 @ 12:15 - 13:00 : Prof. Einar Heiberg, Clinical Physiology, Lund University​ - Additive Manufacturing for Clinical Applications
  • 18/11: Representatives of VBN Components AB, Graphmatech, Additive Composite Uppsala AB - "Sharing the experience of spinning off the university and being a start-up in the AM sector"

  • 02/12 - Victor Pacheco, Department of Chemistry, Ångström Laboratory, Inorganic Chemistry - Metal Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

  • 16/12: Ida Sjöberg, SLU, SE - "Tissue reaction on a 3D printed resorbable polymer implants"

Last modified: 2023-02-14