Refining Rodent Oral Administration Protocols: Exploring Advantages, Limitations, and Recent Developments

  • Date: –14:00
  • Location: Online, zoom
  • Lecturer: Dr. Paulin Jirkof, University of Zurich, Switzerland
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  • Organiser: KI LAS Education and Training Unit
  • Contact person: Head of Education, KI LAS Education and Training Unit
  • Seminarium

Continuing professional development (CPD) webinar in laboratory animal science hosted by KI. Registration required.

In drug development, a focus on oral formulations aligns with human treatment practices. Preclinical assessments demand crucial oral testing of compounds, often carried out through oral gavage in mice and rats. However, this widely used method lacks accuracy in replicating voluntary substance intake of humans, posing risks of injury and stress to laboratory rodents. This presentation scrutinizes the pros and cons of oral gavage and explores alternative approaches, including injections, uncontrolled oral intake (e.g., via drinking water), and refined, controlled voluntary ingestion protocols. The Micropipette-Guided Drug Administration (MDA) method, employing palatable solutions like sweetened condensed milk diluted with water, will be introduced. The talk will evaluate evidence on the suitability of these alternative methods for administering various experimental substances, such as analgesics, tamoxifen or others, while prioritizing animal welfare.

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