Before you Start

Before starting experiments involving animals, make sure to take into consideration the following points:

  • All procedures involving animals must be approved by the Animal Ethical Committee before experiments can begin. UUBF will check ethical permits and verify that all procedures have been approved, before you can start your experiments at our facilities. You are welcome to write an email to UUBF so that we can support you in drafting or ammending your applications for ethical permits.
  • Before you can start to carry out animal experiments you need proper education (equivalent to FELASA certification). If you already have education you can send your certificate to the University veterinarian or write an email to UUBF and we will assist you.
  • Planning behavior experiments including start date will be done in consultation with UUBF. You need to plan your experiments in advance as many researchers share limited resources!

Read more about the Swedish legislation regarding animals in research at the Swedish Board of Agriculture

The 3Rs

The principle of the 3Rs, Replacement, Reduction, Refinement, have been developed several decades ago and provide the basis for a more humane animal research. The core principle resulting from the 3R-framework is that all researcher planning and carrying out experiments involving live animals, should strive to always seek methods to replace animal experiments with other models and tools where possible (Replacement). Furthermore, the number of animals used in experiments should be reduced by optimising study design and analysis (Reduction) and the experiments which are carried out should be constantly improved to further animal welfare and minimise suffering (Refinement).

UUBF strives to support researchers in all three aspects of the 3R-framework by several means. By discussing the aims and goals of their research with our clients before they start with their expeirments, we can guide them to choose appropriate animal experiments as well as suggesting alternative experiments where possible. Further along in the experimental process, UUBF can help by providing assistance with data analysis, possibly reducing the number of animals needed to reach a meaningful conclusion in experiments. Moreover, standard operating procedures provided by UUBF can help to further refine handling of research animals as well as study design.

For more information on the 3Rs, please visit the following websites

Swedish 3R-center

List of 3Rs organisations

IMage of a Rat

Alternatives to Animal Research

Feel free to contact our staff to discuss how you can replace, reduce and refine animal experimentation in your research area. The main goal of UUBF is to provide its clients with the tools and knowledge to carry out meaningful animal research. This, ultimately means for us, that we have to be at the forefront of providing information on alternatives to animal experimentation as well as furthering the use of refined study designs and experimental schedules in order to maximize well-being for the animals.

You can find a list of organisations working with 3R and alternatives to animal research on the webiste of the Swedish 3Rs Center. Furthermore, Norway's National Consensus Platform for the advancement of "the 3 Rs" provides a searchable database of books and articles concerning alternatives to animal experiments.

The backbone of all Experiments

A well-designed experiment is more likely to yield meaningful results while minimising the risk of unforeseen errors.

From design to Result

Put your plans in practice using UUBF's facilities, equipment and expertise.

gain insights

Get them most out of your data by optimising your data analysis.

Report your findings

Make sure you provide the most value to the scientific community by publishing your results in a clear and concice way.

Last modified: 2023-10-23