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The launch of ENLIGHT took place in November 2020 when Uppsala University, together with eight other European universities, started building our version of a European University. ENLIGHT is one of several pilots funded by the EU-commission to lead the development of new modes of educational methodes responding to the challenges of the future.

Students, teachers, researchers and external partners can engage in the creation of new activities or take part in the established courses, pedagogical conferences, research networks and collaboration platforms that all contribute to connecting Uppsala University closer to Europe and the world.

Currently in ENLIGHT

The European Commission has published the selection results of the 2023 Erasmus+ call for proposals for European Universities. ENLIGHT, now consisting of 10 universities from 10 European countries, is among the 30 selected alliances and will receive 14.4 million € for the next four years.

The alliance intends to allocate a significant portion of the funding towards academic initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to supporting scholars.This collaboration strengthens the diversity and impact of the alliance, furthering its mission to develop a university of the future. 

Furthermore, ENLIGHT introduces some new elements as part of its strategic direction. This includes the launch of bottom-up calls for interdisciplinary thematic networks and starter grants to promote the development of future-proof education. Additionally, the alliance has expanded its focus areas and added "culture and creativity" to the existing areas of health and well-being, digitalization, climate change, energy and circular economy, and equity.”

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Last modified: 2023-07-19