SOLVE Outreach

SOLVE is organising outreach activities with two aims: 1) to disseminate our research to stakeholders and the public, 2) to create discussions that stimulate new research activities.

Target Audiences

Our main target audiences are companies - of all sizes - involved with solar electricity projects as well as researchers, teachers and students. We also aim to provide an independent voice from the research world toward the public, media and politicians, in questions related to solar electricity in the Swedish energy system.

Outreach Partners

Our outreach group consists of the academic partners together with the industry organisations  Energiforsk and Svensk SolenergiSTUNS Energi and Energikontoren Sverige.

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SOLVE Seminars / Webinars

SOLVE's Webinar Series

SOLVE is launching a new webinar initiative. Research within SOLVE is categorized into seven research themes. The concept behind this initiative is for each theme group to present their research during short webinars throughout the upcoming years. The primary goal is to disseminate research findings and knowledge, primarily to stakeholders in the solar industry but also to other interested parties in the energy sector.

Webinar 2 - Agrivoltaics - a conflict solver?

By combining agriculture with solar power production, so-called agrivoltaics, agricultural land can get an optimized use to the benefit of the energy system and the landowner.

During this webinar, we talk about the research to find an optimized design for agrivoltaic solar systems.

Kärrbo Prästgård has been awarded the Environment and Climate Council's honorary award for its visionary work with energy production combined with organic farming. With examples from Kärrbo Prästgård in Västerås, we describe the research around growing crops in combination with solar power production.

During the webinar, we address the following questions:

  • How large will the crop production be compared with and without a solar plant?
  • Which crops are suitable for agrivoltaics in Sweden?
  • How large will the solar production be?
  • How does the economy look?
  • How big is the potential for agrivoltaic systems in Sweden?

Watch the webinar:

Integrated modelling of agrivoltaic systems - Pietro Campana
Modelling and simulation of agrivoltaic systems - Sebastian Zainali
Solar Irradiance Assessment and Integration of Spectrally-Selective Solar Cells to Boost Spectral Sharing of Sunlight - Silvia Ma Lu
Agrivoltaics potential in Sweden -  Bengt Stridh

Webinar 1 -Advanced solar cell technology

Kicking off the series was Theme 1 on the 3rd of October 2023, which focused on advanced solar cell technology. This included the development of highly efficient tandem solar cells and the validation of PV modules for long-term stability. Additionally, it involved efforts to create solar cells that reduce resource consumption, minimize capital investments, and optimize land use for each unit of solar energy produced.

During the webinar, the development of perovskite and silicon cells, the future directions of solar cell technology, and an overview of ongoing doctoral projects within SOLVE Theme 1 were discussed.

You can find the presentations below:

Introduction to SOLVE and Partnership_Marika Edoff
Advancements in Perovskite-Based Solar Technology_Gerrit Boschloo
Current Trends in Silicon-Based Solar Cell Technology_Barbara Terheiden
What measures can be taken to enhance the efficiency of future solar cells_Marika Edoff

Spotlight on PhD Projects in Theme 1:

PhD student Majid Salari
PhD student Bharya Rakheja
PhD student Klara Kiselman

Last modified: 2023-12-15