Sustainability and Lifecycle Analysis

This cross-cutting theme focusses on evaluation of sustainability contributions so that decision makers can choose development routes with lowest lifecycle impacts (e.g. cradle-to-grave CO2 emissions) and greatest energy and non-energy benefits (e.g. soil carbon loading and water savings for agrivoltaic plants). Within the IEA Task 12 comprehensive guidelines for LCA on PV systems and solid data for life cycle inventory have been developed. This offers a general approach that the research in SOLVE will build upon and apply to Swedish climatic conditions, as well as adapting depending on stakeholders’ position in the value chain. Another aspiration is LCA product labelling for solar systems and components in Sweden, as well as to review the current and future potential for recycling of PV modules in Sweden. 


In this theme, projects will be developed that link into the research in themes 1-4, making analyses of the sustainability aspects of, for example, agrivoltaics, BIPV and novel PV technologies

  • More information coming later in 2022

Key Parters: Svenska Kyrkan, Midsummer

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