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Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Alexandra Teleki contactCenter co-Director
Associate Professor Alexandra Teleki
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Operational Office

Caroline Fronczak AlvebrattCaroline Fronczak Alvebratt
Project Coordinator

Communications officer
Magnus Alsne
Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Helene Lyngå kontaktProject administrator
Heléne Lyngå
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Work package leaders

Parenteral Drug Delivery
Professor Per Hansson, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University
Doctor Susanna Abrahmsén Alami, AstraZeneca

Oral Drug Delivery
Associate Professor Per Larsson, Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University
Professor Bertil Abrahamsson, AstraZeneca
Doctor Krista Ojala, Orion Pharma Oy

Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Professor Göran Frenning, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University
Doctor Ulrika Tehler, AstraZeneca

Center board

Reference groups:
Scientific Advisory Board
Industrial partner group

Last modified: 2023-11-30