Half-time seminar: Artificial colonic mucus for studies of the mucus absorption barrier in vitro

  • Date: –11:00
  • Location: BMC, room C2:301 and online via Zoom (https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/62279749067)
  • Lecturer: Marco Tjakra, Phd Student at the Department of Pharmacy and SweDeliver
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  • Organiser: Department of Pharmacy, SweDeliver
  • Contact person: Christel Bergström, Professor
  • Halvtidsseminarium

Marco Tjakra, PhD student at the Department of Pharmacy and SweDeliver, presents his work to improve our understanding of drug dissolution, diffusion, and absorption from the human colon with a focus on the role of the colonic mucus layer. His aim is to design drug delivery decision trees for colonic drug delivery as well as improved in silico models for drug absorption from the colon.

Researcher Bio  Marco Tjakra studied Biomedical Engineering in Chongqing University, China and graduated with a Master of Engineering degree in 2020. His previous research involves signalling pathway in the neurovascular unit with relation of hemodynamic force and toxicology. As a bachelor student in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Marco investigated antimicrobial compounds from essential oils to combat oral biofilm forming bacteria. Marco graduated in 2016 with Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.

Committee members:

Michael Gradzielski, Professor in Physical Chemistry and Molecular Material Sciences, Technical University of Berlin

Sonja Visentin, Associate Professor in Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences, University of Turin

Christer Tannergren, Doctor in Biopharmaceutics and Principal Scientist in Biopharmaceutics AstraZeneca

Marco Tjakra