Vinnova praises SweDeliver in new evaluation


SweDeliver continues to receive top marks for its successful research program and building of new networks and expertise for future drug delivery. This time from main financier Vinnova, emphasizing, among many things, the efficient collaboration that characterizes the competence center.

Vinnova also highlights the strengths of the extensive network
Vinnova highlights the strengths of the SweDeliver's extensive network

"Impressive work and progress" reads Vinnova's judgment in a current evaluation of SweDeliver's operations. An additional gold star is awarded the national competence center's ambitious vision and strong focus on research and knowledge development.

“We presented SweDeliver's strategies, structures and long-term goals, and I perceived the meeting with Vinnova's representatives to be rewarding for both parties. This evaluation is conducted to help draw guidelines for SweDeliver's coming years, and we bring with us both the confirmation that our center is moving in the right direction and valuable advice for the future,” states Christel Bergström, Center Director and Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics.

Vinnova also highlights the strengths of the extensive network established by the center: Partly due to the collaboration between Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy and SweDeliver's sixteen industrial partners. Partly due to the interaction with other academic research environments, above all in Scandinavia and Australia. The fact that each PhD student receives supervision from both university and industry is also emphasized as contributing factor to the effective collaboration that characterizes the competence center.

Christel Bergström, Center Director
Christel Bergström, Center Director

“Optimizing the outcome of Sweden's competences in the field of pharmaceuticals requires cooperation, which was one of our main goals when we first started outlining what is today SweDeliver. Now we have a common forum where academia and industry share responsibilities and benefits equally and above all regard each other as partners - and the results keep coming in the form of publications and scientific progress in all of the center's work packages,” says Christel Bergström.

The report further states that the launch of SweDeliver coincided with the corona pandemic, a fact that had great impact on the many personal meetings that the center initially planned for. After restrictions were removed, SweDeliver has organized, among other things, a Retreat at Nova Park as well as 2022's much-appreciated Summit at Gällöfsta conference.

“The fact that we are finally able to meet in person is already providing great value, and we are currently preparing several arenas for SweDeliver's junior researchers and partners. We have also started planning for a future after our current funding ends, and will in short launch a strategy for recruitment of new partners that can add relevant values and contribute to securing the centre's sustainability in a longer perspective. Properly governed, I am convinced that SweDeliver will continue to play an important role in advancing Sweden's already strong position in drug delivery.”


  • SweDeliver is a world leading research and competence center in Drug Delivery.
  • SweDeliver is based on interdisciplinary collaboration between academia and 16 industry partners.
  • With financial support from Vinnova, the Uppsala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy forms SweDeliver's academic hub.



Christel Bergström, ProfessorChristel Bergström, Professor
Center Director, SweDeliver

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt, Orion Pharma

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Last modified: 2022-11-16