Martin Lord leaves his position at SweDeliver (but keeps his desk)


Just a minute... Martin Lord, postdoc at SweDeliver, who after two years is leaving our national competence center for a permanent position at Uppsala University's research environment for biopharmaceuticals.

Martin Lord, researcher

How would you summarize your time at SweDeliver in 58 words?
As a very rewarding experience in a well-organized center. Above all, I have appreciated the forums where academia and industry come together for both structured and spontaneous talks, which in several cases have led to continued collaboration. I also take with me many valuable skills from our Training and Career Development Work Package, not least the mentoring program that I had the privilege to participate in.

And your view on collaborating with fellow SweDeliver junior researchers?
With a scientific focus on immuno-oncology and cells, I operate a little outside the core of SweDeliver’s research program, but looking back, this has rather added value. I have been introduced to equipment and methods I do not normally use, but which have proven relevant in my work as well. In return, I have presented techniques that are likely to be useful in, for example, peptide research.

What has been the focus of your research within the framework of SweDeliver?
During the pandemic, we identified a peptide that the immune system recognized from SARS-CoV-2 infections. It also turned out that this very peptide is present in several variants of the coronavirus, which makes it interesting if we carry with us an immunological memory against this peptide from previous colds. The peptide also proved unusually robust, so now we are testing the possibility to formulate it as part of a potential vaccine using an antibody that we have developed or with nanoparticles. The project is connected to both the COMMUNITY study and RISE, and hopefully we will soon publish a number of interesting results.

Any last words of wisdom for your (soon) former SweDeliver colleagues?
I only have positive things to say about the center and everyone involved in its activities, but to answer the question: From my professional point of view, I see potential in increasing the space for biological and immunotherapeutic science. Affibody plays an important role in the network, but I am convinced that there are several connections between biological and peptide research yet to explore.

And for your own part, what will be your next stop in your career?
In a way, the step is short, I will even keep my desk, but now as a permanent employee in Sara Mangsbo's research group in Immuno-oncology. The fact is that I really appreciate Uppsala University and the Faculty of Pharmacy, and look forward to continue my research and teaching here - while we continue to work on our antibody within the framework of Strike Pharma, of which I am a co-founder.


  • SweDeliver’s research in parenteral drug delivery focuses on the development of new formulations and improved delivery systems for subcutaneous drug administration.
  • This research draws on the strong scientific expertise on self-aggregation and molecular interactions within the pharmaceutical physical chemistry group at Uppsala University.



Martin Lord, researcherMartin Lord, researcher
Department of Pharmacy

text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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