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You who are involved in SweDeliver can now use up to three rollups to profile our competence center's activities in connection with seminars, conferences and other gatherings. And you who spot our RollUps: Drop by and we will tell you more about our operations!

The SweDeliver Rollups

SweDeliver has produced three rollups for use in contexts where you find value in profiling and illuminating our competence center's activities. The themes focus on the SweDeliver research training, research programme and fruitful collaborations. The rollups can be used individually or together as a unit.

Contact Center co-Director Alexandra Teleki to borrow and use one or more of the SweDeliver rollups.

Alexandra Teleki contactCenter co-Director
Associate Professor Alexandra Teleki
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Currently at SweDeliver

Last modified: 2022-11-16