Vinnova research grant to collaboration between SweDeliver, Emplicure AB and Uppsala University


Emplicure AB, industrial partner in SweDeliver, receives a SEK 1 million research grant from Vinnova as partial financing of a project with a focus on drug delivery in the treatment of opioid use disorder or pain.

Håkan Engqvist, CEO, Emplicure AB and Christel Bergström, Center Director, SweDeliver
Håkan Engqvist, CEO, Emplicure AB and Christel Bergström, Center Director, SweDeliver

Prescriptions of opioids carry an inherent risk of abuse, which can in turn be the starting point for a lifelong struggle against addiction. The need for effective tools to prevent addiction and overdoses is urgent, and in the project Ceramic drug carrier for tamper resistant oral drug delivery, Emplicure AB - together with researchers at Uppsala University and financial support from Vinnova – aim to develop a formulation and manufacturing method for mechanically hard drug-loaded ceramic carriers with intended use for opioid use disorder or moderate to severe pain.

Håkan Engqvist, CEO, Emplicure AB
Håkan Engqvist, CEO, Emplicure AB

“We are very happy about Vinnova's important contribution to the continued development of our bioceramic material and the collaboration within SweDeliver, which in a very positive way strengthens the knowledge exchange in the field of drug delivery,” says Håkan Engqvist, CEO at Emplicure AB.

With a total project budget of SEK 2.6 million, of which Vinnova contributes SEK 1 million, the work will be carried out at Emplicure AB in close collaboration with researchers at SweDeliver and Uppsala University's Department of Materials Science.

“Vinnova's financial reinforcement to the SweDeliver competence center provides additional opportunities to conduct innovative research of great importance and benefit for patients who are currently without optimal treatment,” states Christel Bergström, Center Director at SweDeliver and Professor at Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy.


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​Christel BergströmChristel Bergström, Professor
Center Director, SweDeliver

Håkan Engqvist, VDHåkan Engqvist, CEO
Emplicure AB

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