60 million to new Nordic life science consortium with node at the Faculty of Pharmacy


With a multimillion grant from NordForsk, new consortium NordicPharmaTrain consolidates the ties between ten of the Nordics' leading universities aiming for pole position in the world of life science. "With NordForsk's support, we are raising the bar yet another level," states Christel Bergström, Professor at Uppsala University who leads the operation.

Christel Bergström leads the work in NordicPharmaTrain
Christel Bergström will lead the NordicPharmaTrain

NordForsk allocates NOK 20 million to NordicPharmaTrain, a new partnership in which ten of the top universities in the Nordic region will collaborate on translational research and innovation in the pharmaceutical sciences. With node at Uppsala University, where Christel Bergström, Professor at the Department of Pharmacy, will lead the consortium.

“NordicPharmaTrain builds on the foundation we have laid with Nordic POP, a collaboration with a focus on patient-oriented pharmaceutical products. With NordForsk's support, we are raising the bar yet another level and will take on the entire process from manufacturing and delivery of drugs to clinical implementation,” says Christel Bergström, Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics.

The grant from NordForsk extends until 2029. For the establishment and initial operation of the partnership, the ten universities that form NordicPharmaTrain will contribute an additional SEK 40 million. Among the activities being prepared are strengthened cooperation in education and research, increased mobility for researchers and mentoring programs to equip PhD students and postdocs for leading positions in the Nordic life science sector.

“We will also prioritize collaboration with other EU-based consortia and global top-ranked universities. Combined with our own close ties to healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, our initiative will play an important role in securing the competence supply required to take the Nordic countries to the absolute front line of life science,” states Christel Bergström.


  • Nordic Pharmaceutical Translation and Innovation (NordicPharmaTrain) unites partner universities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.
  • The consortium includes Uppsala University, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Helsinki, University of Iceland, University of Oslo, University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, University of Eastern Finland and Åbo Akademi University.
  • NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for and facilitates Nordic cooperation on research and research infrastructure.



Christel Bergström, Professor
Farculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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