The SweDeliver Scientific Advisory Board identifies great potential


“Our Scientific Advisory Board expressed that SweDeliver is moving in the right trajectory, providing a unique ecosystem with great potential to exceed the needs of all stakeholders,” states Center Director Christel Bergström.

The first SweDeliver Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place in September. Due to the pandemic situation this was performed as a digital event where our advisors during two days met the center management office, the work package leaders, the center board and the industrial partner groups for in depth discussions.

Christel Bergström, Center Director
Christel Bergström, Center Director

“We set focus on SweDeliver’s scientific development with a full day dedicated to describing the research program and progress reports of the different projects that we have undertaken. Our advisors found the quality of research to be of very high internationally competitive quality, with many being outstanding,” states Christel Bergström, Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Center Director

The underpinning cross-cutting aspects of a focus on biologics, high quality imaging, and computer simulation were found to differentiate SweDeliver compared to other programmes in other countries. The Work package leaders were found to have excellent track records within their research areas which provide high credibility for the research program. The Scientific Advisory Board further identified the great potential interact across the Work packages to further strengthen the center.

“We had a very constructive discussion on how to further support and trigger such activities. Having co-supervisors from industry and encouraging their direct involvement in the projects are areas of strength.  The Board also expressed their enthusiasm on following our pre-competitive research program over the coming years to see how the various projects move towards translation and provide exploitable delivery solutions,“ says Christel Bergström.

A further strength of SweDeliver identified by the Scientific Advisory Board is the Work package Training and Career Development. The Board found this convincing and tailored nicely for the PhDs and postdocs to achieve the skills that will make them even more employable by the Swedish and Nordic Life Science sector. The great commitment and engagement from SweDeliver’s industrial partners was evident to the advisors, and they appreciated the direct involvement of industry members at all levels of SweDeliver. This was found to provide clear direct and indirect benefits to the industry partners.

“The Scientific Advisory Board expressed that SweDeliver is moving in the right trajectory. They found our research program exciting and internationally competitive and that the center is providing a unique ecosystem with great potential to be very successful and exceed the needs of all stakeholders,” states Christel Bergström.


This is  The Swedeliver Scientific Advisory Board


Conntact Christel Bergström, Center DirectorCenter Director
Professor Christel Bergström
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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