Meet this summer's SweDeliver interns: Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström, Uppsala University


Get ready to meet the 2nd of six master students selected by SweDeliver for research internships with our industry partners: Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström, studying the master programme in Chemical Engineering, ready to spend the summer at Pharmetheus.

Name  Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström
Studying  Master programme in Chemical Engineering, Uppsala University (SE)
Will do internship at  Pharmetheus

Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström is currently studying her fourth year at the master programme in Chemical Engineering, specialising in pharmaceuticals – an education providing specialist knowledge in, among many things, the design, development, production and analysis of pharmaceuticals.

Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström, master student

“The program provides solid ground for future research in the field of pharmaceuticals, which is definitely an interesting career path. The fact that SweDeliver is now offering a summer internship with a focus on research opens up fantastic opportunities for me to gain insight how it actually works.” Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström.

Yasmine Sundelin Tjärnström will do her internship at Pharmetheus AB, the Uppsala-based company offering pharmacometric support for the development of drug compounds in all clinical phases and areas of treatment.

“During our education, we have studied physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling, which is both fun and interesting. At Pharmetheus, I hope to deepen my knowledge further in this subject, but also apply what I have learned so far in a practical context.

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Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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Last modified: 2022-11-16