“This is a perfect challenge” • Meet SweDeliver intern Sjoerd Koopman


From Leiden via Nanjing to Uppsala and SweDeliver. For Sjoerd Koopman, master student in biomedicine, this summer will provide the opportunity to contribute to Clinical Trial Consultants work for a healthier world.

Name  Sjoerd Koopman
Studying  Master Programme in Biomedicine, Uppsala University (SE)
Will do internship at  Clinical Trial Consultants AB

Sjoerd Koopman earned his bachelor degree in bio-pharmaceutical sciences at Leiden University – including a summer of studies at China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing – before arriving at Uppsala University and the Master Programme in Biomedicine.

Sjoerd Koopman, master student in biomedicine,
Sjoerd Koopman, master student in biomedicine

“I’ve always been up to a good challenge, and when a friend told me about the SweDeliver internship, I immediately knew that this was one to accept. This will provide insight into industrial settings and whether this is a direction I would like to pursue my future career. Furthermore, it will give me the chance to contribute to frontline research aiming at human well-being improvement. In short, this is perfect in every way.” Sjoerd Koopman states.

Sjoerd Koopman will do his internship at Clinical Trial Consultants AB, an Uppsala-based, full-service clinical research organisation, facilitating research by providing advice and implementation of early clinical trials.

“I am very interested in clinical trial procedures – especially during its early phases – and the translation of science into treatment, such as conducted by CTC. That SweDeliver is now giving me the chance to try daily life at a company that are experts in the very field I have my future intentions set on will definitely help me improve my professional skills and orientate my way forward,” Sjoerd Koopman concludes.



Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

Currently at SweDeliver

Last modified: 2022-11-16