Samar Omer selected for summer internship at Orexo: “I anticipate to be part of the SweDeliver network”


Selected by National Competence Center SweDeliver for a six week internship at Orexo AB, Samar Omer, Master student in in Drug Discovery and Development, aim to sharpen her already impressive curriculum vitae.

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Name  Samar Omer
Studying  Master programme in Drug Discovery and Development, Uppsala University (SE)
Will do internship at  Orexo AB

After earning her bachelor degree in pharmacy with first class honours, Samar Omer left her native Sudan for Uppsala University’s Master programme in Drug Discovery and Development. Bringing professional experience from the National medicines and poisons board as well as the National Medicines Quality Control and research Laboratory, Samar is now aiming to expand her knowledge within optimisation of drug delivery systems.

Samad Omer, Master student
Samar Omer, Master student & SweDeliver intern

“I have previously worked as a product manager, focusing on marketing of dosage forms with innovative drug delivery systems. The art of manipulating dosage forms to ensure efficacy and safety of a Medicinal Product has always been an intereset of mine, and I can definitely see myself pursue a career in developing new dosage forms and optimising existing ones in order to contribute to this dynamic and very important field.

Samar Omer will do her internship at Orexo AB, a Swedish company devoted to improve pharmaceuticals based on innovative drug delivery technologies. At the company facilities, research and development is primarily concentrated on substande use disorders, with the ultimate goal to help patients suffering from opioid dependence, pain and mental illness.

“I’m really excited to experience Orexo’s mix of drug development, dosage form optimisation and focus on areas of psychological disorders. I hope that this possibility offered will deepen my understanding of the daily challenges encountered in drug delivery and the measures and novel technologies developed to address them. Of course, I also anticipate to engage in and be part of the SweDeliver network, which will hopefully lead to future contact and collaborations.

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Center Director
Professor Christel Bergström,
Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University

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