“The perfect challenge” • Meet this summer's SweDeliver interns


“This is a unique opportunity for me”, states Anton Norberg, one of the six highly motivated master students selected by SweDeliver for a summer internship and the opportunity to experience drug delivery science at its very best.

six highly motivated master students, selected by SweDeliver
Meet this summer's SweDeliver interns

SweDeliver can now present the six late stage master students selected for this summer’s internships. Each student will be given the opportunity to pursue a research project at one of SweDeliver’s industrial partners positioned in Sweden, Finland or Denmark.

“The selection process turned out to be quite a meticulous task, with numerous qualified applicants. Now we have six highly motivated master students that will enjoy a summer of drug delivery research at its very best, in state-of-the art environments and of high relevance for human health,” states Christel Bergström, Center Director and Professor at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy.

Sara Hiidenhovi, chemistry student at University of Jyväskylä (FI), had just started working on her master's thesis project at Orion Pharma when she was encouraged to apply for a research internship. Facing the possibility to work at the intersection of industry and SweDeliver, Sara recalls immediately realising this would add yet an extra dimension to her already high ambitions.

Sara Hiidenhovi, University of Jyväskylä
Sara Hiidenhovi, University of Jyväskylä

“I am well familiar with the important and high-quality research conducted at Orion Pharma, a company with a prominent place in my future career plans. Thus, I am convinced that this opportunity will give me further understanding of what it is like to carry out pharmaceutical research in the industry. I also hope to learn more about scientific methods of future use within the field of drug delivery,” Sara Hiidenhovi asserts.

This summer’s internships are in perfect line with SweDeliver’s focus on lifelong learning, with PhD students and postdocs participating in a selection of activities, helping them to broaden their Life Science-horizons and build networks far beyond their own scientific sphere, providing the strategic skills needed to lead the development in drug delivery.

“SweDeliver is an arena that enables scientific exchanges on many different levels. Together, we have everything needed to offer first-class training in the techniques, methods and systems that form the basis for future research in drug delivery. To provide this opportunity to late stage master students is a new important step for our center,” states Sara Mangsbo, leader of SweDeliver’s Career Development Work package and Associate Senior Lecturer.

Anton Norberg, Uppsala University
Anton Norberg, Uppsala University

Anton Norberg, currently studying the seventh semester of the Master of science programme in pharmacy at Uppsala University, will do his internship at Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier AB (APL), a company with focus on the development and manufacturing of personalised medicine.

“I am becoming increasingly interested in research, and SweDeliver's offer provides a unique opportunity for me to take an active part in industrial research within drug delivery. During my internship, I hope to contribute to APL’s mission, develop my own knowledge in drug formulation and research, and, above all, gain insight into the operations of a pharmaceutical company,” says Anton Norberg.

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Text: Magnus Alsne, photos: private, Mikael Wallerstedt

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Last modified: 2022-11-16