Betty Lomstein Pedersen is new Co-Lead in the Oral Drug Delivery Work package


Just a minute… Betty Lomstein Pedersen, Lead scientist at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and new Co-Lead in SweDeliver's Oral Drug Delivery Work package, who sees a center with fundamental research of both high quality and industrial relevance.

Betty Lomstein Pedersen, Lead scientist at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and new Co-Lead in SweDeliver
Betty Lomstein Pedersen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, is new Co-Lead in SweDeliver

What makes you accept the position as Co-Lead in SweDeliver?
I find it very motivating to become deeper involved in the SweDeliver Oral Drug Delivery Work package, since it is such a scientifically fascinating topic to me. I have been engaged in oral drug delivery for more than 25 years. This includes a PhD project at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, on dissolution of poorly soluble drugs in gastrointestinal fluids as well as various tasks related to design and characterization of new oral drug products in industrial positions.

What is your current role at Ferring?
I work as a Lead scientist focusing on drug product development in Global Pharmaceutical R&D at Ferring Pharmaceuticals in Copenhagen. Besides having in-house project tasks, I am involved as co-supervisor in two PhD projects focusing on oral drug delivery, one in each of the two Swedish consortia between academia and industry SweDeliver and NextBioForm.

What is your perception of SweDeliver today?
That SweDeliver contributes fundamental research of high quality and industrial relevance. It stimulates good scientific discussions and fosters increased bonding between academia and the industry. The high level of engagement of the PhD students and post docs is really inspiring.

Ferring, Copenhagen (DK)
Ferring, Copenhagen (DK)

What do you hope to bring to your new role?
A passion for generating new knowledge within oral drug delivery and many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I will do my best to support the Work Package lead and participate in discussions on structure and content. Furthermore, I hope to contribute to an inspiring and supportive research milieu for the PhD students and post docs.

Why does the Danish company Ferring Pharmaceuticals prioritise to engage in a Swedish-based competence center?
Ferring is one of several companies situated outside Sweden in SweDeliver. Ferring has a strong worldwide scientific network with many academic collaborations and a long tradition in oral delivery and was e.g. the first pharma company bringing an oral peptide product to the market.

What are your thoughts on the near future of Oral Drug Delivery Work package?
It is very exciting that two new PhD projects have been approved that will continue the work presently being done in two projects in Work Package. Furthermore, there has been quite some awareness on common factors between the different projects within and between the different Work Packages, so I expect and will try to contribute to an increased collaboration between the different projects.


  • Johan Palm, Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca (SE), also joins as a Co-lead in the Oral Drug Delivery Work package.
  • Research in the Oral Drug Delivery Work package focuses on better design of drug delivery systems that fulfil the requirements for absorption from the small intestine and colon.
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world build families and live better lives. Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and women’s health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology.



Per Larsson, senior lecturerPer Larsson, senior lecturer
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photo: Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Mikael Wallerstedt

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