Training and Career Development

SweDeliver specifically emphasises training in emerging techniques such as biological drugs and new modalities, computational modelling and simulation, and high-resolution analytics. These areas constitute strategic competences for the future drug delivery science. It is evident that biological drugs and other new modalities hold great therapeutic and commercial promise, and that appropriate drug delivery systems are essential to realize their potential.

Modelling and simulation permeate all aspects of modern pharmaceutical science, ranging from discovery to manufacturing of drug delivery systems. Imaging and scattering techniques are foreseen to be highly important in the future, especially granted the national infrastructures MAX IV and ESS.

SweDeliver partners have the competences required to provide top-class training in these key areas. Education will also be provided in the innovation landscape, including patenting and entrepreneurship. These activities within SweDeliver promote life-long learning via courses and study visits, and through industry mentor programs for the young scientists with focus on strategic considerations and career development.

The SweDeliver Training and Career Development program also encompasses mobility actions to promote international and intersectoral mobility via, e.g., industrial secondment of PhDs and Post Docs and adjunct academic positions for industry senior scientists.