Maria represented WOMHER at the Summer School at the University of Tübingen


In the summer of 2023, WOMHER's PhD student, Maria Romare Strandh, went to The International Research Training Group Summer School on June 12-14.

Maria Romare Strandh

Together with Fatih Özel, who is also a PhD student at WOMHER, they went to present their projects, listen to others' project presentations and at the same time make contacts with other researchers in Tübingen. During two full days and half a day of symposiums, they listened to presentations of PhD projects and three keynote speakers: Claudia Buß, Martin Walter and Liisa Galea who gave lectures on their research.

- We were also so incredibly well taken care of and I learned so much from all the presentations and conversations with the other PhD students and supervisors. It became clear what a broad topic women's mental health during the reproductive years is as the projects were different and focused on different aspects, says Maria Romare Strandh.

During the fall, Maria has been able to take advantage of the contacts she made during her summer trip to Tübingen.

- I have talked a lot with Hanna Wierenga who has a project on pregnancy, gender identity and parental ideology, which is close to my own project. We have discussed theories about parenting, motherhood, etc. and she has given me great literature tips.

WOMHER and the University of Tübingen already have an established collaboration as several of WOMHER's supervisors are also supervisors of PhD students in Tübingen and both institutions have a common research focus, studying women's mental health during the reproductive years.

Last modified: 2021-12-21