WOMHER's research network

At Uppsala University, there is unique scientific competence in various subject areas and a great commitment to questions about women's mental health. WOMHER's senior research network is a university-wide research network that currently includes approximately 50 senior researchers. The network consists of researchers and PhD candidates involved in research relevant to WOMHER's focus area, and in total the researchers come from about twenty departments and centers at Uppsala University. The goal of WOMHER's senior research network is to gather the university's broad expertise to provide the best conditions for understanding, preventing and treating the increasing mental illness of women of reproductive age.
The objectives of the senior research network are specific:

  • Identify research areas and relevant issues where new research applications can be made.
  • Present potential projects and research areas to each other from different scientific fields.
  • Share ideas and draw attention to each other about activities within and outside the University.
  • Inform each other about interesting scientific articles and relevant news.
  • Take turns arranging WOMHER's research network meetings.

Last modified: 2022-03-10