WOMHER's research school

WOMHER's research school started in April 2021 after 16 interdisciplinary doctoral projects were granted financing by WOMHER's board and 17 doctoral students could be admitted. In order to be able to create interdisciplinary research projects that influence women's mental health from different scientific perspectives, it is required that the main and co-supervisors is affiliated to at least two of Uppsala University's disciplinary domains medicine and pharmacy, humanities and social sciences and technology and science. This has contributed to a heterogeneous scientific spread in the research projects where main supervisors from ten different departments collaborate with co-supervisors from 13 different departments and also several supervisors from external universities. These doctoral projects will be an essential and important part of the goal of establishing a new interdisciplinary area of ​​knowledge where a new generation of researchers will be trained.

The research school's interdisciplinary theoretical courses have been developed in close collaboration with the supervisors in order to fit the PhD candidates interdisciplinary needs.. During the first year, all PhD candidates go through six different theoretical themes linked to WOMHER's research area:

1. What is a woman?
2. Mental health
3. Interdisciplinary science
4. Reproduction
6. Ethics
7. Scientific methods

Last modified: 2022-03-04