EBC - Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum

A large part of Uppsala University's research and education in biology takes place at EBC.

Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum

The easiest way to get to the library is through the main entrance at Norbyvägen 14. See the library's webbsite

Restaurang Hassan&Preecha is on the first floor in Hus 15 (Norbyvägen 14), visit their website for more information and the weekly menu.

Restaurant Hassan & Preecha is open

Lunch will be served Monday - Friday 10.30-14

Map over EBC

Lecture halls

During the Corona pandemic, the number of seats in the lecture halls can be limited.

Lecture halls:

Click on the name of the room to see the its position in Mazemap.

You can reach the lecture halls through the main entrance. The halls are equipped with a video conferencing system. If you want to get technical support at the start of a video conference, please report this with a good time margin to Technical service.

For students

Students can get their campus card at the reception at EBC. Information on how to order your campus card can be found at uu.se/en/students/your-rights/campus-card

You choose the PIN code yourself and upload a photo to the service portal, you will then receive an email when your card is ready for printing. When printing a campus card, you must present a valid ID / passport.

Places for studying are available in the corridors as well as in "Stamcellen" and "Bärskogen". These student spaces have kitchenettes with microwave ovens.

Main entrance Norbyvägen 14 (House 15, the core house)

Here are lecture halls, classrooms 1-3, the library and the restaurant.

You can study in the restaurant area, but only when the restaurant is closed. When the restaurant is open (10.30 - 13.30), the places are for eating guests.

Norbyvägen 18B

This door is the fastest way to computer rooms, quiet reading places, teaching labs and the student living room Bärskogen (mazemap).

Norbyvägen 18C

Use this entrance if you're on your way to classrom 4-6 or to the student living room Stamcellen (mazemap).

Seating in the student space Stamcellen
Last modified: 2023-08-14