At Geocentrum is the department of Earth Sciences


Read about activities at Geocentrum here:

The geolibrary is located on the entrance level, to the right after the entrance hall. Feel free to visit the Geolibrary website.

Hassans Hörna at Geocentrum

Hassans Hörna Geo is in the entrance hall and has coffee and snacks for sale. Visit for more information.

The café is open until 9/6.

Lecture halls

At geocentrum is one lecture hall and two larger classrooms:

Click on the name of the room to see its location on a map in Mazemap.

At Geocentrum are additional classrooms with 12-24 seats along with computer rooms and lab rooms.

Lecture hall from a spectator seat

For students

Students can get their campus card at the reception at EBC. Information on how to order your campus card can be found at

You choose the PIN code yourself and upload a photo to the service portal, you will then receive an email when your card is ready for printing. When printing a Campus Card, you must present a valid ID / passport.

Places for studying are in the CM corridor. In the corridor are also two kitchenettes with microwave ovens.

Student space with microwave ovens and recycling bins
Last modified: 2023-05-30