About Uppsala Immigration Lab

Uppsala Immigration Lab conducts research on economic and social issues that shape our future. Through collaborations between researchers and the surrounding society, we create the conditions for research and policy development.

The term "Lab" signals a research environment characterized by mobility and flexibility. This means a diversity of research questions and collaborations between disciplines, but also developing new ways of working in order to improve output. The UIL goal is to capture ideas and opportunities in dialogue with researchers in other environments as well as with decision makers and other relevant actors outside the academy. To achieve this, UIL is an interdisciplinary meeting place that addresses issues with broad theoretical and methodological perspectives from both the social sciences and other fields.

UIL is established in a very strong and active broad environment with emphasis on quantitative empirical research on issues related to migration and integration. Part of this environment are researchers from the Economics Department, Political Science Department and Social and Economic Geography department as well as IBF (Institute for Housing and Urban Research) and IFAU (Institute for Labor Market and Education Policy Evaluation).

The Faculty of Social Sciences decided in 2018 to establish and co-finance UIL for a five-year period. Other funding during this period comes from the Chancellor and the Department of Economics. 


Research Director: Olof Åslund

Steering group: Matz Dahlberg, Per-Anders Edin

UCLS representative: Peter Fredriksson